The MGC Rot-Weiss Wanne-Eickel celebrated its birth on a memorable day. When the Wanne-Eickel city fathers decided in 1958 to build a multi-purpose facility with miniature golf in the Wanne-Süd sports park, enthusiasts of this sport launched the club on November 11, 1958.  

The facility was opened on April 15, 1959, and the club was formally founded on May 22, 1959 with the entry in the register of associations of the district court of the city of Wanne-Eickel.
Already in the early days of the club, the first sporting successes came on a supra-regional level. At the German Championships in 1959, they placed third in the women's rankings and in 1961 and 1963 players from Wanne-Eickel qualified for the Germans. In this initial period of mini golf, the organizational structures were also set up, in which the MGC Rot-Weiß Wanne-Eickel actively participated, such as the founding of the WMF (World Mini Golf Foundation) on October 2nd, 1960 in Bochum. Again and again committed members of the association have been and still are active in important association committees in important positions, mainly on a regional level but also in the area of ​​the DMV (German Minigolf Association) and even internationally.

The club had significant sporting successes in the youth field. In particular, the achievement of the title of a German student champion in 1983, a German combination champion and a third place in the European championship in 1988, winning the German student team championship in 1991 and another victory in the German championship of youth in 1994 in the Category Female Youth Miniature Golf. The numerous placings and other successes at German and North Rhine-Westphalian level cannot be listed here in detail. At the so-called Ruhr Olympics, a competition for schoolchildren and young people in 25 sporting disciplines, currently held between 20 towns and districts in the area, the Wanner mini golfers have always been extremely valuable for the town of Herne, as they belonged to the clubs that scored a lot of points brought home. The fact should not go unmentioned that some well-known giants of mini golf, who had great success with other clubs, emerged from the MGC Rot-Weiss Wanne-Eickel and learned their trade there.

A new phase in its existence began for the MGC in 1995. For some time now, the city of Herne had been considering handing over deficit sports facilities to suitable clubs for administration, support and management. When this opportunity arose and the other circumstances were also favourable, the board of directors of the Wanner MGC grabbed it and took over the management of the tennis and mini golf course in the Eickel sports park. This certainly caused a lot of work and effort for the board of the association and many of its members. In the years that followed, the pavilion with the ticket booth, lounge and toilets was thoroughly renovated and the facility was always kept in a tournament-ready condition.

In view of the optimal circumstances now available, the club applied to host the 1998 German Championships for men and women and was also accepted by the association. This is where the experience for the organization and hosting of a major sporting event was collected, which should be of use to us in the future.
Shortly thereafter, the MGC Rot-Weiss Wanne-Eickel was awarded the contract to host the West German Championships 2000 and also the German Championships 2000 for seniors. This also made clear the trust that the regional association NBV and the federal association DMV placed in our association. This German championship was the high point in the club's history so far.
In 2001, the redesign of the facility was tackled. We set up a miniature golf course on the area of ​​two tartan tennis courts, whose poor condition no longer permitted regular play and which were no longer needed due to the decreasing occupancy. The work was essentially carried out in-house. Since opening at the beginning of the season in spring 2002, the Wanner Club has been able to organize combined tournaments (miniature golf and miniature golf), which happened several times in the following years. The financial resources for this conversion measure were generated through the operation of the multi-purpose facility in previous years.